Top Fascinating
Online Aviation Magazines
Online magazines are only rising in popularity and often times have proven to be an extremely reliable source of news on specific niche industries. Not to mention, online Aviation magazines provide up-to-date information regarding the industry and latest industry events, all at the click of button. Finding a good online Aviation magazine is not the easiest but luckily for you, we have listed the 10 most fascinating online aviation magazines below:
#1 Airlines International
Released by IATA (International Air Transport Association), Airlines International online magazine offers its readers a plethora of aviation and airlines based articles. Each issue is separated into five columns consisting of analysis, agenda, comment, knowledge, and CEO interviews. Airlines International receives over 830 thousand visitors every thirty days.
#2 Flight Global
Flight Global magazine provides its readers with the latest and greatest news regarding anything and everything aviation related. Expect to read aviation industry topics including aerospace, airlines, military, aircraft and more within Flight Global. In addition to covering several aviation based articles, Flight Global also hosts job-search columns, flight videos, and five blogs. Over 630 thousand readers visit the Flight Global online magazine every thirty days.
#3 Aviation Week
Aviation Week’s online magazine is filled to the brim with articles regarding aviation news, events, technology, space, commercial aviation, MRO, and business aviation. The format of Aviation Week is split into two parts: a free section available to the mass public and a subscriber only section available to paying readers. Aviation Week releases a new issue every week and hosts a permanent gallery of different topics and job opportunities as well. Over 570 thousand readers have visited Aviation Week in the past thirty days.
#4 Flying
Flying’s online magazine is known for publishing news pertaining to five aviation topics including Avionics & Gear, Aircrafts, Techniques, Training, and Careers. The site also hosts numerous videos, photos, and blogs related to the aviation industry. Readers appreciate Flying’s open forum where they are able to discuss aviation based topics, look for careers, post job opportunities, and enter into contests. 350 thousand readers have visited Flying’s online magazine in the last thirty days.
#5 Air & Space Magazine
The Air & Space online magazine consists of articles regarding the history of flight, space, military, and other aviation based news. Air & Space’s online format features flight today, the daily planet, interviews, videos, and photos as well. Over 310 thousand readers have visited the site within the past thirty days.
#6 Air Journal
Air Journal is a French based journal offering its readers up-to-date aviation industry news and articles. Air Journal covers topics like aviation technology and history. The site also features videos and an interactive forum for aviation buffs to discuss anything and everything in aeronautics. Air Journal had over 260 thousand visits in the past thirty days.
#7 AVweb
Independent aviation news magazine, AVweb, publishes articles pertaining to numerous aviation topics including aircraft upgrades, flight training, flight planning, and much more. Additionally, AVweb hosts a blog titled AVweb Insider. Over 260 thousand readers have visited AVweb in the last thirty days.
#8 Airways News
Airways News online magazine is a great place to find the latest information regarding the aviation industry. Airways News covers everything from breaking news to first flight broadcasts as well as aeronautics analysis, plane spotting, investigative series, and more. More than 200 thousand readers have visited Airways News in the past thirty days.
#9 AINonline
Publishing aviation news weekly, the AINonline magazine is a great source to find worldwide aeronautics information. AINonline features topics regarding Air Transport, Business Aviation, Aerospace, Rotorcraft, and Defense. 190 thousand readers have visited AINOnline in the last thirty days.
#10 ATW
ATW is an online magazine providing its readers with daily aviation news from countries all over the globe. The magazine features topics covering aviation technology, security, safety, distribution, arline management issues, airline operations, and MRO. Over 170 thousand readers have visited ATW in the past thirty days.