Top Apps Aviation
Lovers Need
#10 Logten Pro Pilot Logbook
The Logten Pro Pilot Logbook is one of the fastest flight logging applications available on today’s market. It features highly detailed flight time analysis as well as evaluations of specific past, present, and future moments in your travels. You can track just about any aspect of your flight within Logten Pro Pilot Logbook including tailwheel time! Commercial pilots will adore how the application tracks duty and request requirements for EU ops or FAR 117 during any trip.
#9 FAA Airplane Flying Handbook
The FAA Airplane Flying Handbook application is basically an entire guide for how to handle any type of aviation situation but in the palm of your hand! It is a digital aviation equivalent of the DMV’s drivers training booklet. Every single aviation rule, regulation, and emergency procedure can be found within the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook app. Every single pilot should download this application.
#8 Aeroweather Pro
Aeroweather Pro provides you with real-time weather forecasts. Pilots commonly utilize this app for flight preparation as it only offers necessary information as well as precise worldwide weather predictions. The clear and simple visibility within the applications platform is one of the best characteristics of the Aeroweather Pro application.
#7 WnB Pro
WnB Pro is widely recognized as thee app to use when looking to measure weight and balance of any general aviation aircraft. Students, enthusiasts, and specialist alike look to this application for warnings of off-balance fuel, passenger, and baggage weight. WnB Pro is a great safety tool to have in your arsenal of aviation applications.
#6 FBO Fuel Prices
FBO Fuel Prices is an amazing application as it will lead you to the closest, cheapest, or highest quality aviation gas station available, depending on what you are looking for. The app has several features including gas price updates as well as ramp fees. Plus, the FBO Fuel prices app can be used in-flight while on airplane mode.
#5 Airports
Airports is the ultimate digital guide and directory to America’s airfields. The application features all up-to-date information and recorded notes regarding the country’s most frequented airports. The Airports application even includes TAF reports, NOTAMS decoders, and VOLMET station lists.
#4 Social Flight
The Social Flight application provides pilots with an interactive map filled with thousands of aviation events such as air shows, fly-ins, and even your local aviation club pancake breakfast. Social Flights allows pilots to search any aviation related event, upload photos, chat with other aviation professionals, send event notifications, and add events straight to their mobile calendars.
#3 CloudAhoy
CloudAhoy is one of the top flight debriefing apps. This application allows flight professionals to record every flight utilizing an iPad's internal GPS receiver. Gathering this data is great as it allows you to review your flights data and details at a later time. CloudAhoy compiles all flight information including profiles, flight tracks, instrument approaches, and maneuver analysis among much more.
#2 Flight Plan
The Flight Plan application was made for individuals interested in learning the math behind flight. Not only does Flight Plan simplify calculations usually performed on an E6B flight calculator, but it also includes its own conversion calculator, balance calculator, and weight calculator.
#1 Air Navigation Pro
Air Navigation Pro is a flight planner that presents real-time aircraft navigation on a 2d moving map with the option of 3D synthetic vision. The application comes with a preloaded database of over 180,000 aviation waypoints worldwide as well as an airspace database of over one hundred countries. Pilots use Air Navigation Pro to plan their flight’s ins and outs to arrive at any given destination easily and efficiently.